Celebration has a rich history among God’s people. During Creation, God looked at what he had created each day and celebrated that “it was good.”  Adam celebrated when God created Eve.  Noah built an altar to celebrate and to commemorate God’s goodness and salvation after the flood.  Abraham celebrated and built altars as did Moses, Joshua and those who followed. The kings celebrated conquests and God’s victory.  Israel instituted days of feasts and celebration.  Celebration has always been a foundation of Jewish worship.  The early Christians celebrated the resurrection of Jesus on that first resurrection Sunday and to this day Christians all over the world continue this tradition.  Celebration has historically been the central focus of worship.  God gives us new reasons to celebrate his goodness each day. Celebration has a long tradition.
Celebration is also central to worship.  In fact, worship is celebration!  When we worship, we celebrate who God is and all the wonderful things God is doing.  At St. Paul’s Community Christian Church, we have 200 years of the history of God’s goodness to celebrate!  In a time when the lifecycle of churches is decreasing, God has been faithful for 200 years!  We are so grateful for God’s faithfulness and the faithfulness of those who have gone before us.  For this reason, we are proclaiming a year of celebration beginning November 7th.  We will have a celebration service and we want to invite each of you to celebrate with us.  Invite friends and neighbors to come celebrate with us.  If you are out of town, consider taking a trip to come join us! Bring those who do not attend church – we have something to celebrate!  We have a great God, a great church and a great history.  We have something to celebrate!  It is such an honor to be a part of what God is doing.  God is choosing to include you and to choose me to be a part of something great!  Let’s celebrate!  Heaven is eternal celebration. Let’s begin celebrating now!  The Kingdom of God is all about celebration!  This is our opportunity to invite others into that kingdom of celebration.  I am telling everyone I know about it!  God is doing something worth celebrating.  After almost 2 years of Covid, we all need an opportunity to celebrate something great.  Please join me in a heartfelt gratitude and celebration for God’s amazing goodness!
Celebrating Jesus,
Pastor Ed Dickerhoof